Palletwrap/Stretch Film

It has long been recognized throughout the packaging industry that Pallet Wrapping, a way of securing a load to a pallet reduces the risk of your shipped goods getting damaged in transit. There are various ways of doing this – the most common Pallet Wrapping method is to use Stretchwrap Film – the load is placed on the pallet and then the stretch wrap film is wrapped around the load securing the load to the pallet.

Hand Stretch Film: is a reliable and convenient packaging material, which has many unique properties: increased strength for punctures and tears, and the ability to stretch to two or more times, and other useful properties. While stretching the hand film immediately resumes its former shape with the layers which are firmly stuck to each other and this allows to fix the cargo without any additional funds.

Machine Stretch Film: is the packaging material that has a feature to reverse stretching and has a high degree of puncture resistance in comparison to other film materials. In addition, this film is different in stickiness of layers towards each other. While stretching the length of the machine film may be increased to four or more times.

Best Packaging carries a wide range of pallet wrap and stretch film products to suit your every need – from large size loads to small boxes – we have the film you need and the pallet wrapping machines to do it!

Browse our pallet wrapping products below or call us today for a quote!

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