Craft Brewery Equipment

After closely following the explosive growth in the craft brewery industry, Best Packaging is pleased to offer packaging equipment that was designed to allow brewers to maintain their hand craftsmanship while reducing labor costs and increasing throughput associated with getting their product to distributors and retail shelves.

In order to ensure the equipment would benefit the brewers, the time was taken to interview brewers from around the country and listened to their pain points.  One of the most tedious tasks for the brewers is hand erecting their four and six pack carriers and the master shipping cases.  This requires a large amount of labor and a large amount of space when most facilities are filled with processing equipment. Keeping in line with a focus on industry specific solutions, they developed a multi-functioning machine that erects 4 and 6 pack carriers; erects the RSC master case; then case packs the carriers, creating a bottle ready case.

Together with the Ergopack® ergonomic hand packing station; which can be customized with a six pack carrier dispenser and recirculating conveyor for semi-automatic bottle case packing, you can enhance your productivity on bottle case packing lines.

Craft Brewing Industry

Your days of stacking formed cases to the ceiling and having pack parties are over! These solutions are ideal for craft beers, craft soda pops, wine and any other beverage sold in four or six pack carriers.

Our packaging line solutions and equipment provide labor savings and increased throughput for start up craft brewers as well as established breweries. Call today for your customized quote 1-877-484-4440!



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