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In the industry, many of are used to seeing piles of unused rolls of packaging tape – clearly marked with NFG…. we all know what that means…..

Wasted rolls, tape breaking, not sticking to cartons are all typical reasons why production lines toss rolls of unfinished tape into a pile, use it in a tape gun to avoid more waste or simply throw it out. This wastes money and time in production.

Not all tapes are the same and there are tapes designed for different environments and specific applications. Choosing wisely is more then just your bottom line; tape ensures that your cartons of product remain sealed during delivery to your customer or end users. We find so many times that companies will cut costs on their tape ONLY to end up buying more of the less expensive product due to the issues they experience.


If your cartons are popping open during cold freezer transport – you may need to look at your tape and ensure those factors have been considered.
If your tape is not sticking after application – you can perhaps take a look at your cartons and ensure your tape is designed for highly recycled content.
If your tape leg is peeling – you may want to consider your tape application and check the tension of your equipment.

There are so many factors that contribute to tape issues, many of which are not the product itself but the lack of consideration to application is it is being applied to. We can help.

Best Packaging carries a wide range of products suitable for many applications and industries; freezer grade, hot melts, highly recycled content, printed tapes, specialty tapes… the list goes on. If you are experiencing issues with your current product, give us a call and we can look at the factors and determine the most suitable product for you.

We carry our own line of private label products; designed specifically to combat the issues we have encountered over the past 27 years in business – and we are proud that our products maintain the quality that we expect for our customers and the competitive pricing you expect from us!

Cut down on the NFG….. waste is expensive.

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