Packaging Tape For Dummies

January 20, 2014 News & Events Comments Off on Packaging Tape For Dummies

First of all, you are not a dummy.

We just thought since we are in the business of providing packaging products for customers who require packaging products – some of you would appreciate this useful little post when sourcing out adhesives – especially the kind we sell 😉

Ask yourself this: Do you need packaging tape for storing goods OR for shipping goods?

The two most common adhesives you are going to come across when sourcing tape will be Acrylic Packaging Tape and Hot Melt Adhesive Tape.

Acrylic Packaging Tape is ideal when you would like to store goods. This type of adhesive can handle a variety of temperatures and settings including warehouses, refrigerated facilities and storage units. Packaging tapes with Acrylic adhesives can keep boxes sealed for several years without yellowing or peeling. It is common knowledge in the industry that an Acrylic tape works best after it’s initial application as they will strengthen over time.

Hot Melt Packaging Tape (which does not require heat to be applied by the way…) is commonly used when shipping goods due to it’s superior holding power and high initial tack. Many shipped goods are handled roughly in transit so it is important that the tape applied ensures the box remains sealed from location to location.

Once you have determined the type of adhesive will work with your application; here are some other key considerations will help you make the most informed decision.

Width: The most commonly requested widths for packaging tape are 2″ (48mm) and 3″ (72mm) For most applications, 2″ packaging tape will work and it is often used on lightweight, small to medium boxes. If you have a larger or heavier box; you may want to consider 3″. How the tape is being applied and what the end user requests can also determine which width would work, but our tape specialists can help you out if you need to get into why size matters….

Length: Always pay close attention to roll length. Depending on your method of applying tape (dispenser vs. case sealer) – the length of roll you require will be very important. The most common length for rolls being dispensed by hand are 100m while the long rolls which are used on case sealing equipment can vary from 914m to 1862m….it depends on your needs and budget.

Thickness: We in the packaging business will always refer to mil thickness when referencing tape. The thicker the tape, the stronger the hold. While most will get away with a thinner tape economically – they may experience breakage during application or in transit. We carry a full line of packaging tapes suitable for all applications and budgets – onsite visits will ensure that you are purchasing the appropriate adhesive for your project from start to finish.

Color: The most popular color requested is clear. It is the most economical and practical choice for many industries. Tapes can be customized with printed logos, warnings or specific colors so if you have a special project in mind, it is always good to ask about your options.

Best Packaging carries 3M Packaging Tapes alongside our own private label adhesives so please enquire further if you are in the need of quality goods at competitive pricing. We have been in the business long enough to know what works…….

“>Next Week: Common Packaging Tape Terms
– your own little personal glossary of tapes, terms and other useful information as our love affair continues


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