January’s Ode to Packaging Tapes: Packaging 101

January 9, 2014 News & Events Comments Off on January’s Ode to Packaging Tapes: Packaging 101

Choosing the Right Tape.

Packaging Tapes generally have two applications; sealing cartons for storage of goods or sealing cartons for shipment of goods. Obviously there are many other adhesives/uses on the market, but let’s just focus on our current love affair with the Packaging Kind.

It does make a difference as to which tape you use and there are several factors to consider when sourcing out your packaging needs:

Application: Obviously you need to consider what needs sealing.
Package Weight & Size: Heavier Packages require thicker tape. Larger boxes need wider tape.
Dispenser Size: How will you be applying your adhesive to the cartons?

Storage of boxed goods and shipping of boxed goods require different types of adhesives. You will need to take into consideration the whether the goods are being shipped or stored, the weight and size of your goods, appearance of the boxes (on the shelf, door to door, commercial) and the longevity the adhesive required. Other factors may be manner in which the item is shipped or stored (cold/temperatures, overseas, security) as well as the product itself. We have had many customers insist that the desired look of the sealed carton from manufacturer to consumer is a top priority for them.

Another factor when sourcing your packaging needs will be how the adhesive will be applied to the carton – this is where size of roll and length will come in. When the operator is applying tape by hand; the use of tape gun dispensers will require smaller rolls and are applied manually. This would be a time consuming, labor intensive way to seal multiple boxes at larger plants running high production so some customers use carton sealing equipment. Basically the equipment is designed to seal the cartons for you with help from an operator (semi automatic) or fully controlled by the line (automatic). These machines (and there are many…) require larger rolls capable of running at high speed to seal cartons. Either way, size does matter 😉

Next week: Packaging Tape Key Considerations For Dummies
going in depth to making the right decision with your packaging needs

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