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Sustainability is a key consideration in today’s search for packaging solutions. It is a strategy that can reduce packaging & shipping costs, as well as help the environment.

In many cases, updating your packaging & shipping supplies for sustainability can result in better packaging performance while minimizing its environmental footprint at the same time.

Take stretch film; for example. Advances in technology have come so far that you can actually increase the holding force on your product by down gauging your stretch film. That’s right – the lighter, thinner stretch films available today can make your packaging more stable.

And the benefits are anything but lightweight. Stronger, thinner stretch film:

  1. Reduces the cost to manufacture
  2. Reduces a truck fleet’s shipping costs and
  3. Reduces the amount & cost of your waste stream

This type of shift has the potential to improve the performance of the shippers’ and manufacturers’  packaging supply chains. Today’s customers demands as much, and want materials that are recyclable or recycled, cut emissions and reduce waste. Down Gauged stretch film can help meet that demand!

Written by Barb McKeage
Territory Manager Best Packaging Systems & Resident Stretch Film Guru

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