Hand Wrap Vs. Stretch Wrap?

March 6, 2013 News & Events 2 Comments

Are you still manually wrapping loads because you think a stretch wrapping machine is too costly for your current needs?

Here are a few things to consider before you dismiss adding a semi/automatic stretch wrapping system to your packaging line:

Hand Wrapping

Stretch Wrapping

Film Waste

Film Savingsā€¦.Up to 66%

10% Pre-Stretch

250% Pre-Stretch

12 Loads Per hour

55 Loads Per Hour

Uneven Packaging

Professional Packaging

Tedious & Time Consuming

Quick & Easy

Manual Labor

Minimal Operator Involvement

Companies that are hand wrapping and switch to stretch wrapping will see significant savings in film usage. As well, hand wrapping is a time consuming and physically demanding operation.

Stretch Wrapping is an easier and safer method that helps reduce product damage and labor. The cost of a stretch wrap machine is easily justified, even with 10-15 loads per day. A stretch wrap machine is an excellent business choice…..production rates go up, labor costs go down, wrapping is more consistent and users have higher quality control over the wrapping process to ensure damage free distribution!

Still not sure? Why not calculate your savings, using Wulftec’s FILM COST CALCULATOR……..

For more information on Wulftec Stretch Wrapping Systems or any of our other high quality stretch wrapping equipment contact us today for a free quote!

Looking for stretch wrap products? We have those too……..

2 Comments to “Hand Wrap Vs. Stretch Wrap?”

  1. Jennifer
    This information on consumables is great thanks so much for sharing it. Really helps to put into perspective the actual cost of each for the ROI. Very nicely presented.
  2. Nails
    Stretch wrap has many benefits:Cost savings on film,employee safety and satisfaction, it gives a professional look packaging

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